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Horseshoe Bend Mushroom Farm
Personal site for Danny Plyler
Team Tarhe
This is the photo of people that I do not know... It is just a stock photo that needs to be replaced. They do look very happy and excited just to be included on this site.
Success Story Latest News
At Botkin Computer Services the customer is our number one priority.

This months success story come from Horseshoe Bend Muchroom Farms where we have worked with the owner to develope a website/ecommerce solution to help thier bussiness grow.
This also gives the farmer another outlet besides the local farmers market to sell his product to the community.

These type of sites are very easy to produce and can become very profitable.
If anyone is intrested please feel free to call us @ 606.402.1329 for more info.
Botkin Computer Services filed for LLC status

Botkin Computer Services
received articles of organization from the State of Kentucky.
Top 10 Virus Infections Signs of a Spyware Infection
  1. Troj/Invo-Zip
  2. W32/Netsky
  3. Mal/EncPk-EI
  4. Troj/Pushdo-Gen
  5. Troj/Agent-HFU
  6. Mal/Iframe-E
  7. Troj/Mdrop-BTV
  8. Troj/Mdrop-BUF
  9. Troj/Agent-HFZ
10. Troj/Agent-HGT
Sluggish Performance: Even if your PC is brand new, it becomes slow and sluggish after the spyware attack. It takes too much time to connect to the net and for other minute things.

Browser Hijacks: You set some site as a default home page. For example if you have as you default start homepage and the homepage gets changed to unknown sites without your knowledge, then it is an alarming sign of spyware infection.

Pop-up Ads: Never ending pop-up ads that fill your monitor are the warning signs of spyware infection. Generally, spyware infected PCs are prone to pop-up ads related to porn, gambling, pharmacy and other nasty sites that make you download their products.
Fake Alerts: Fake alerts saying that your PC is infected with some malware and it need an urgent attention. You get into their control by simply clicking on those alerts.
We have seen in the past that spyware can be a very bad thing. If you make purchases over the internet or do online banking and you have a spyware infection you run the risk of having your credit card number, or bank account number stolen.

If you see any of warning signs and give us a call @
Free Download of the Month
AVG Free Edition 9.0

AVG Free Edition is the well-known antivirus protection tool. AVG Free is available free of charge to home users for the life of the product. Rapid virus database updates are available for the lifetime of the product, thereby providing the high level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers.
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